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GoPro Camera Control To Be One of the First New Apps for Zepp OS Powered Amazfit Smartwatches

September 13, 2021

Zepp Health Corp. (NYSE: ZEPP) today announced that Zepp Health will launch GoPro Camera Control as one of the first new apps for Zepp OS powered Amazfit smartwatches. It is a highly anticipated app that will allow users who own both GoPro’s HERO9 Black camera and Amazfit smartwatch to wirelessly control their camera through the touchscreen of new Amazfit smartwatches. This is expected to be available in mid December 2021 via an app update.

The Zepp OS is an extremely battery efficient smartwatch operating system that Zepp Health announced in July 2021. The company created the differently architected Zepp OS to enable “24/7 health monitoring” to better improve users’ health.

The Zepp OS Mini Program Framework called Zeus allows developers to easily create lean customized apps that create value for smartwatch users. For example, a developer with basic webpage skills could create an app to remind the elderly to take their medication or help children count their skipping rope numbers.

The Zepp OS is expected to be available in Q4 2021 and support the following features:
• Mini Program Framework Zeus that enables IoT connections such as Amazfit X GoPro cameras using Open GoPro.
• Health data and privacy protection framework to support third party medical research.
• Providing smartwatches with a lean and energy efficient operating system
• Internet cloud service applications for music, voice commands, and fitness such as Alexa or Strava.

Open GoPro is an open API initiative that GoPro announced in June 2021 that makes it easy for third-party developers to integrate HERO9 Black into their own development efforts.

With Open GoPro, Amazfit smartwatch users have access to the following HERO9 Black features:
• Wireless Connectivity
• Camera Command and Control
• Camera Status

About Zepp Health Corporation (NYSE: ZEPP)
Zepp Health changed its name from Huami Corp. (HMI) on February 25, 2021 to emphasize its health focus with a name that resonates across languages and cultures globally. The company’s mission continues to be connecting health with technology. Since its inception in 2013, Zepp Health has developed a platform of proprietary technology including AI chips, biometric sensors, and data algorithms, which drive a broadening line of smart health devices for consumers, data analytics services for population health, and industrial medical technology for diagnostics and care delivery. Zepp Health is one of the largest global developers of smart wearable health and consumer fitness devices, shipping 46 million units in 2020, including 33 million smart watches. Zepp Health Corp. is based in Hefei, China, with U.S. operations, Zepp Health USA, based in Cupertino, Calif.

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